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  • Hand Editing G-code for Better Machining

    One of the issues I’m having with with my cutting the pentaflake pattern for my Backyard Tabletop project is that the router bit stops in one of the corners of each pentagon shape before moving up. This causes the bit to rub against the side…

  • Maslow CNC First Project: Pentaflake Tabletop

    For my first project with the Maslow, I decided to revisit a very old project, a pentaflake tabletop.  Unfortunately, I have run into some technical issues, which i must troubleshoot. You can find all the gory details here: https://forums.maslowcnc.com/t/first-project-issues-z-axis-edge-burning-bit-dulling/6809 

  • Maslow CNC Pt. 1

    I built a Maslow CNC. This video is part one of the build process—the electronics and assembling the frame. The Maslow is a relatively inexpensive, open source CNC kit. The kit comes with the electronics and specialty hardware, and you provide the lumber, router, and…