Got into one of those wars with myself today. Nothing seemed to be going right on a project, and at first I was working through and around the problems. But, problem after problem kept piling up. It also didn’t help that it’s a gazillion degrees in the shop. Then I started to get frustrated and impatient, and started trying to force things to be the way I wanted them to be, and damaged something I had been working on all day. The trick is to quit before getting to that state. When will I ever learn?

Maslow CNC Pt. 1

I built a Maslow CNC. This video is part one of the build process—the electronics and assembling the frame. The Maslow is a relatively inexpensive, open source CNC kit. The kit comes with the electronics and specialty hardware, and you provide the lumber, router, and a computer (and a dust control system is a good idea, too). It’s a hanging router, much like a hanging plotter, and is capable of cutting an entire sheet of 4X8 plywood (with some margins). It can also cut thin aluminum, pretty much any material that the router you equip it with is able to cut. I’m very excited about the creative possibilities that this machine will open up for me.